Viktoria DéAnn Winter Remedies

Searching for a Winter Remedy?

MedSpa Distributors recommends a Lift Kit by Viktoria DéAnn Peptide Cosmeceuticals for the extra lift you need to get through the harsh winter months!


Viktoria DeAnn Lift Kit - Pepti Lift, Pepti Tone, Pepti Eye and Rejuvenator

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Winter is the time of year when we depend on messengers (Hello, Amazon deliveries!), but our skin actually benefits from messengers too!  Peptides are your skin’s favorite messengers, delivering the right message to optimize cells in the growth areas of the skin.  The powerful designer peptide messengers in Viktoria DéAnn peptides are scientifically formulated to enhance the growth layers of the skin, initiating the skin’s natural cycle to repair, recover and reconstruct correctly.

Lift Kits from Viktoria DéAnn include the perfect combination of 4 targeted anti-aging peptide products:

Pepti Lift

A face-lifting serum scientifically formulated to provide peptides to restore youthful skin tension.Applied to the face, arm, or décolletage, to lift and re-establish your natural youthful appearance.Results demonstrate 5-10 years younger anti-aging.

Pepti Tone

Targets muscle relaxation to suppress the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.This product is Viktoria DéAnn’s answer to ‘toxin base’ injected treatments. Tone works synergistically with Pepti-Lift a the incorporation of the Lift + Tone in a client’s regimen is like having a mini-lift every day!

Pepti Eye Serum

Repairs lower lying cells under the eye to reduce the appearance of the dark circles and puffiness usually seen in the morning.  Brightens and firms the delicate skin of the eye area.  Helps to lessen the effects of mucilage under the eye.


Initializes a cellular response for repair. the repair process requires an optimized cell turnover rate, which also aids in corrective natural exfoliation along with an increased production of fibroblasts (which produce collagen). rejuvenator series is the initial ‘jump start’ to your skin, preparing it for the changes ahead.  helps to smooth and tone the appearance of the skin.  Moderates stratum corneum thickness targeting lines and wrinkles.

A special note on Rejuvenator series

When using the rejuvenator series in a treatment for the first time, start with Rejuvenator mild.  As the client’s skin improves in health, the next rejuvenator is used.

How to apply:

Begin with freshly cleansed skin.  Apply a small amount of Pepti-Lift to the skin.  Wait a few moments for the peptides to penetrate, then apply a small amount of Pepti-Tone.  Apply Pepti-Eye Serum to the eye area.  Apply Rejuvenator sparingly to the skin.

The Results?

A totally new, lifted, healthy look!

Interested in learning more about Viktoria DéAnn peptides?  There is a peptide that can deliver a message for just about any skin condition – Pepti-Acne, Pepti Correct Hp (for hyperpigmentation), Pepti Lash (for more luxurious lashes), to name a few!


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