Clareblend MINI

Clareblend’s new skin rejuvenating device

Not only will your clients be able to help keep their skin in top condition, by using the device in between their professional visits, but the Clareblend MINI also provides another source of profit for skin care professions, with minimal investment.  This is a small, handheld device based on the Jeunesse and Serenity professional systems.  The Clareblend MINI provides quality and effectiveness.

Low current benefits have been shown to:
  • Increase circulation for skin health
  • Increase collagen and elastin
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lift and firm the skin
  • Enhance products with deeper penetration


Easy to use – “Plug and Go”

No battery to replace
Plugs into USB ports such as external chargers, computers, airport charging systems, or AC outlets (adapter included)
Proven pre-determined settings provide great results without the guesswork!

Retail – $319-

Call for wholesale pricing.  Must be a professional and provide a retail certificate.


Clareblend MINI and Red LED

Special Kit

New color options available now!  A combo Red LED and a Clareblend Mini-all in one bag! Skin care professionals, please call  757-271-4370 to order or!